2016 Sermons

Welcome to our sermons page! While you can find all the sermons from 2016 below, you can also click here for Community of the Way’s soundcloud account and also click here for manuscripts of sermons.

[Note:  while we are doing “Morning Prayer on the Square” in downtown Redwood City for the Spring and Summer, we will be taking a break from recording our sermons]

Maundy Thursday Sermon, Rev. Kristen Yates, 3/24/16

In this sermon, Rev. Kristen talks about the two significant events that we remember on Maundy Thursday each year – Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper and his washing of the disciple’s feet. Then she talks about our own call to engage in humble acts of service and love.

When Our Praises Turn to Condemnation – a Sermon for Palm Sunday, Rev. Kristen Yates, 3/20/16

In this sermon, Rev. Kristen talks about how 2000 years ago, the people so quickly moved from a place of welcoming and praising Jesus to a place of condemning him. Then she talks about how we too so easily move from a place of praise to a place of condemnation.

Our Risk of Falling/ The Integration of our Souls, Rev Kristen Yates, 2/28/16

This sermon on 1 Corinthians 1:1-10 talks about how Paul warned the Corinthians that just as the Israelites fell in the desert, so were the Corinthians at risk of falling. The sermon ends with a description of sin and the soul, which draws from the work of Dallas Willard. (Note, there is no manuscript for this sermon)

Click on the image below for a drawing of Williard’s understanding of the soul.


What does it mean to be a citizen of heaven?, Rev. Kristen Yates, 2/21/16

In this more informal talk on Philippians 3:17-4:1, the Rev. Kristen Yates asks what Paul means when he says the Philippians (and us by extension) are citizens of heaven? Rather than meaning that we should be people who disengage from culture because we belong to some other-worldly reality, it means that we are called to bring the Kingdom of God’s values to bear on our cultures. (No manuscript for this sermon)

Ash Wednesday Sermon, by Rev. Kristen Yates, 2/10/16

On this Ash Wednesday, Rev. Kristen talked about both the beauty that exists in humanity (because humans are made in the image of God) and the sin that exists – sin that will result in death. Rev. Kristen explained the meaning of the ashes, which have both a solemn and hopeful meaning, and she called people to a time of self-reflection during this season of Lent.  The full manuscript can be found here.

Our Spiritual Metamorphosis, by Elizabeth Zarubin, 1/7/16

Using Peter as an example, Elizabeth talks about the gradual process of spiritual transformation that believers each experience, which includes a growing understanding of who Jesus is and who God desires us to be.

Love and Spiritual Gifts:  It is Love that Lasts, by Rev. Kristen Yates, 1/31/16

This sermon focuses on the “Love Passage” (1 Corinthians 13) written by Paul to the Corinthians. It asks us to read this passage in the entire context of the book of 1 Corinthians. Paul is not arguing that spiritual gifts, faith, etc. are unimportant, but they become problematic when we treat them as end goals when they are meant to be the means to our end goal, which is loving God and loving our neighbors with our whole hearts. For a manuscript of the sermon, click here.

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