Photos & Videos


Preparing for “Morning Prayer on the Square”

Core Team Retreat

Maundy Thursday

Palm Sunday

Partnering with City Trees

Joint Ash Wednesday Service With Sequoia Church and Via Vetera


Volunteering at Bethlehem AD in RWC

Fourth Sunday of Advent Gathering

Benefit Dinner for Syrian Refugees with Eucharist SF and World Relief

Advent Lessons and Carols

OurĀ Current Worship Space at Sequoia Christian Church

Our Fall 2015 N.T. Wright Book Study

Volunteering at the Bethlehem A.D. (RWC) Fall Kick-Off

Combined Shabbat Meal and Eucharist

Volunteering at St. Francis Center during the Garden Tour

Making Unleavened Communion Bread

Prayer Gatherings

Pentecost Celebration

Seder Dinner

Around our NorCal Deanery – Ordinations, Etc.



An Anglican community in Redwood City