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Hi, my name is Bryce Merkl Sasaki. I’m a Denver native who’s recently converted to California living, and I’m loving every minute of it. By day I work in marketing and by night I’m an artist and creative writer — and I love to nerd out about other people’s creative passions too. I was originally raised as a charismatic evangelical Christian before engaging with the deeper Anglican tradition which I’ve come to appreciate. I’m a firm believer that living out the Gospel and building for God’s kingdom happens in the workplace and the local neighborhood, but I also am a strong believer in international microfinance with non-profits like Kiva. I’m looking forward to meeting you in a less-than-virtual way in the near future — that’s where real conversation happens.


If at all possible, fill yourself a cup of tea to accompany reading my bio. Reading is always better when paired with tea.  My name is Mia Sasaki Merkl. I hail from Sacramento, and I am an ardent California native. While I grew up in an evangelical home, I came to know God later in my life, and I’ve wrestled and journeyed ever since. As a Christian, I am passionate about shadowing God’s work in everyday life to usher in his kingdom. Whether I’m composting in a garden (where I work), teaching students (my current job), or thinking about international affairs (what I do in free time), I want to be a part of whatever is good, true, and beautiful.  If we get to meet, I’d like to have you over for some tea and tell you more about my life in Christ.

Dyane Angel COTW

If you’ve ever looked up on a cold December night and seen angels dancing on rooftops, you’ve already met me. My name is Dyane Hendricks and the angels are part of a Redwood City tradition called Bethlehem A.D. As a Messianic Jew, the Anglican tradition speaks to me in a deep and spiritual way. I love the way that Anglicans use scripture to worship, very similar to worship in a synagogue. While I love dancing to proclaim the Messiah to all people, God has allowed me to work as a writer and fundraiser for non profit organizations, which also aligns with the Anglican way of serving God’s Kingdom. When we meet — on the ground — I would love to hear your story.

kristenHi, I am the Rev. Kristen Yates and I am the founding pastor of Community of the Way.  I am a life-long Anglican Christian who was ordained a presbyter/priest in the Anglican Church in North America in  2011 and was ordained as a deacon in 2009.  I have served in Evangelical Anglican churches in Northern Virginia, the Seattle WA and Portland OR areas, the North Shore of Boston, and now here.

Before being ordained, I was a youth pastor, Christian mediator, dispute resolution professional, and environmental consultant to the federal government.  I have my MDiv from Regent College, a Joint Master of Theological Studies/International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Wesley Theological Seminary and American University, and a B.S. in Biology from the College of William and Mary.

As a pastor who worked in the secular world for a number of years, I love encouraging and empowering others to live out their Christian faith in the marketplace, whether that is in science, technology, education, art, medicine, consulting, music, etc. etc.  I also greatly care that all people, whether in the secular workplace, at home or in full-time ministry, find deep intimacy with Christ and be formed more deeply into His likeness. As a contemplative by nature, I love spending time with people one-on-one or in small groups and inviting them into the kinds of contemplative practices that have been so meaningful to me on my own journey with Christ.  In addition to being a parish pastor, I am a spiritual director.  To find out more out spiritual direction or spiritual formation in general, be sure to check out my blog.

Two huge influences on my life as a Christian and as pastor include the Falls Church Anglican and Regent College.

When I am not serving in the church, I love drinking tea, painting (digital and watercolor), singing, hiking, hanging out with friends, decorating house, and traveling far and wide (I have been to China, Kenya, Rwanda, Honduras, Israel, Costa Rica and a number of places in Europe and North America).



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