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Common Prayer

From the very beginning, prayer has been important to the Anglican Way, and in particular common prayer has been at the center of the Church’s life from the earliest days of its existence.  People have gathered together for centuries to pray daily in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.  We call this the Daily Office.  Although our modern world sometimes makes it more difficult for us to gather regularly, Community of the Way will be seeking out ways to pray with each other regularly – sometimes in person and sometimes in spirit.  One of the great ways we can be praying together is by doing the daily office together, reading the same Scriptures and praying the same prayers, whether that is while being physically together or from the comfort of our own homes.

To join us in prayer online, click on the following links that will give daily podcasts for morning, afternoon, and evening prayer.   Not only are these podcasts a great resource for daily prayer, they also take you through the NT twice in a year and most of the OT in a year.  Click here for:

And if the Daily office happens to be a new practice for you, you might want to check out this brief article by Peter Scazzero.  While he is not coming from an Anglican perspective, he has a good understanding of the transformative power of this ancient Christian practice.

Also, we believe that different forms of Christian prayer may be helpful to us in our daily times with God depending on our wiring and the season of our faith and life.  Thus you way want to check out Rev. Kristen’s blog; she has gathered a bunch of online resources, which include the RC Divine Office, Examens, Lectio Divina, and Ignatian prayers.  Click here for these prayer resources.

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