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Our Values

Community of the Way has three core values:  Rhythms, Relationships, and Renewal.  Our values guide us as we seek to fulfill our mission and vision.

Rhythms:  We all know how easy it is to become unbalanced as we pursue life in this modern world of ours. We often find that one or two aspects of our life take over to the detriment of others.   We also believe that all of life is sacred and a possible means to bring glory to God. As such, we desire to bring all of life under the Lordship of Christ and to find a God-given balance in our work, play, family-life, and times of discipleship.  Thus, both corporately and individually with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will pursue rhythms to help us find this balance, giving time and energy to God, our relationships, our vocation, and times of re-creation (restoration, refreshment, play, and rest).   Our rhythms can be summed up in the words up, in, out, and down.

Relationships: In our modern context, we so often talk about church as a place or event. We speak about “going to church”, but church is not something we “go to”.  The people of Community of the Way, a small group of Jesus seekers and Jesus followers in Redwood City, are the church – a community of people who seeks to love God, one another, our families, our co-workers, and our neighbors around us. We believe it is essential that we nurture and deepen these relationships in all that we do and that we help each other deepen in faith. We also believe that it is essential that we become people of compassion, who love and care deeply for the hurting folks around us. This kind of devotion to each other and to those around us  is especially important to us as our world increasingly becomes disconnected and fragmented.

Renewal: As we look around our world, we see broken people, broken relationships, and broken systems everywhere, yet we know that Jesus has come into the world to reconcile, restore, and renew all things.   As followers of Jesus, we know that we fall short in many ways, but we also know that we have been reconciled with God through Christ and we been given the ministry of reconciliation. Therefore, we seek to live out this calling by embarking on a life-long journey of transformation and joining in with God as He seeks to renew the  world around us.  We know that in our lifetimes, we will never quite “arrive”; nevertheless, as a community and as individuals, we will learn more and more what it means to deepen our faith in Christ, love one another, and “become more fully ourselves” by engaging our heads, hearts, and hands in pursuit of spiritual transformation. We will also learn more and more what it means to be peacemakers and good stewards of our cities and the environment with which God has blessed us.

An Anglican community in Redwood City