Our Ways of Pursuing Spiritual Formation

Renewal in our lives is a core value of Community of the Way.  We believe that this renewal, what we often call spiritual formation in the church world, is a life-long process of following in the way of Jesus in order to become more like Jesus, grow in intimacy with Jesus, and share the message of Jesus.  It is a holistic process that involves head, heart, and hand.

Head: We desire to renew our minds through study and meditation of Scripture, Creeds, and theology.

Heart: We desire to renew and enlarge our hearts by engaging in various spiritual disciplines, which allows us to enter into God’s very presence. This experience of God moves us from a posture of just knowing things about God to actually knowing God Himself and growing in intimacy with Him. It also involves a deeper self-awareness, growth in emotional maturity, healing from past wounds, and growing in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Hand: We desire to employ our hands (our time, talents, gifts, and resources) for the benefit and blessing of others. This involves sharing the Gospel in word and deed – both through proclamation, as well as compassionate giving of oneself to others. The latter includes hospitality, listening, care-giving, empowerment of others, alleviation of needs, and many other ways of serving.

Since we believe children are a vital part of the church, as the opportunity arises, we will also seek to provide opportunities for our children to engage their heads, hearts and hands as they grow in Christ.

For more on spiritual formation, go to www.thevineandtheway.com

An Anglican community in Redwood City