College Students

Welcome college students of the Peninsula.  Come join us!

We love college students and believe that young adults enrich the life of our church.  Since we are a small church at this beginning time in our life together, we do not have college-specific gatherings at this time.

That being said, our pastor loves college students, having worked as a youth & young adult pastor for some time and having spent lots of time in the academic world.  Also, because we are smaller, there are lots of opportunities for you to serve and to be one-on-one mentored by our pastor or by others in our group.  This is a great community where you can grow in spiritual maturity, have an active role in the life of the church, and be loved.  And if you are new to the faith or are exploring the faith, this is also a good place for you to be able to ask lots of questions (of any sort) in a caring community.

So if you are at Stanford Universtiy, Cañada College, San Mateo Community College or any other local college and would like to join us, we would love to have you!

Come worship with us or join us for our mid-week gatherings.  Or feel free to have coffee with our pastor if you have any questions about the Anglican Tradition, the Christian faith, or life in general.  Call 650-395-8051 or email


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