Renewing Our Hope in the New Year


The New Year is a time of renewed hope when many of us look into ourselves and make resolutions about how we can be healthier, how we can improve our relationships, how we can be more productive at work, etc.

For those of us on the journey of faith, it is also often a time when we ask ourselves questions such as,

  • How can I draw closer to Jesus in this new year?,
  • How can I become more of the person God created me to be?,  and
  • How can I reflect the Kingdom of God in my life more this year?

These are questions that our community is currently asking.

In this new year, we desire to figure out what it means to take on the unforced rhythms of God’s grace in our lives, finding balance and wholeness in our relationships and in our days, weeks, months, and year.

We also  pray that we may deepen all our relationships – loving God and loving others more deeply than we have before.

We also hope that whether it is in big or small ways, we may find new ways in this year to join in with God’s renewal of our world, and be bearers of peace, hope, light, forgiveness, health, life, love, truth, and beauty.

Perhaps you find yourself asking the same questions and having the same desires for 2016. If so, consider joining our community in this New Year.

Community of the Way is a new Christian community in the Anglican Tradition  that is planting a church in Redwood City, CA.    We are a Trinitarian and Three-streams community (Scriptural, Sacramental, and Spirit-Led).

Together as a community, we are pursuing rhythms, relationships, and renewal in this upcoming year, and we would love you to join us on this journey.

If you would like to find out more about us,  explore our Website.  Here, you will find lots of information about who we are, what our affiliations are, how we got started, what we care about, and where we are headed.  Also check out our photos to see  the many things we have done together thus far.

And do also feel free to contact us at  We would love to meet you for coffee/tea to learn about you and to introduce you to our community.