Sequoia Christian Church/TBC

Community of the Way sees itself as a uniquely Anglican Community in ecumenical partnership with other believers in Christ.

As such, we are immensely thankful for the generosity and desire for Christian unity that Sequoia Church shows us by offering up space to us for worship on Sunday mornings, sharing their nursery and children’s programs with our children, and partnering with us in numerous other ways.  To find out more about Sequoia, click here.

We are also thankful for the Transforming the Bay with Christ movement (TBC) , which is connecting us with passionate, faithful followers of Christ from all around the Bay.  Together, we  desire to express Christian unity as we proclaim Christ in word and deed in our families, neighborhoods, cities, workplaces, and churches.  To find out more about TBC, click here.

An Anglican community in Redwood City