The Three Streams of the Anglican Tradition

While there is so much more to say about this, here is a brief explanation of what we mean when we say that Community of the Way is a Three Streams Church.

Scriptural – The Bible, otherwise known as the Holy Scriptures or the Word of God is, is the supreme authority for our faith and life, both individually and corporately. It is the living account of God’s redemptive work, which began with the people of Israel and culminated in the Living Word of God made Flesh, Jesus Christ, our Savior. As such, expositing the Scriptures is an essential aspect of our worship services and plays an important role in all other aspects of our life together.

Spirit-Led – The Holy Spirit plays an essential part in the life of each believer and the Church. We believe the Holy Spirit is active now just as He was in the times of the early church, empowering us, guiding us, bringing healing, and giving us spiritual gifts to build up the Church. As such, we encourage ministries that help us listen to the Holy Spirit (such as spiritual direction) and ministries that ask God for healing of our bodies and souls (such as healing prayer and deliverance).

Sacramental – The Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Eucharist (as well as the other sacramental rites recognized by the Church, including confirmation, ordination, marriage, anointing of the sick, confession) are essential means of mediating God’s grace to us. We believe that the Holy Eucharist is a vital part of our worship together, and thus we celebrate it each week as we gather (with rare exception).